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January 2009

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Public: I actually feel proud to be an American. Actually proud. We have a new president! I will actually wake up and not feel ashamed to be american. He has a lot of work to do, and he is not god. We cannot expect him to do everything all at once. His heart is in the right place. One step at a time. 

Great speech, the swearing in was good too even though he messed up a little. but that was cute and very human of him. I bet he was hella nervous.

One pet peeve. I was so sick of all those peeps on live feed mentioning GOD GOD GOD.  May God help me, God bless America, blah I want to puke. God, it's not about GOD. What is it up with this country and their fervent desire to cling onto GOD like they can't depend on themselves?  Isn't this a fucking secular nation? So stupid. I get very peeved when people mention God all the time like they have nothing else.....also it is offensive to me. Many people have different beliefs and culture. This nation is very puritanical. And saying this country is secular obviously reeks of hypocrisy.  I just think religion should be private, and a personal thing. But saying God Bless you could be just a way of wishing good luck...and the rick warren speech....ugh don't get me even started. I might just throw up. Sorry I don't sound coherent cause I am hecka sleepy. 

Now, I am going to go to bed soon. I am so sleepy. 

Go Obama!  Loves! And may the force be with you. Mwahahah


me too! I really enjoyed watching the live feed on CNN and I thought that Obama spoke very well also! He's obviously already a much better speaker than Bush! And ditto on the whole God thing.. WTF is up with *all* of that? Where is the separation of church and state, srsly!

Be well!
iawtc on the god.

gee, gawd! lol