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January 2009

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movies and shit

Ratatouille C+ or B-

Sicko A-

more to come.


Good to know

All Ratatouille gets is a C+ or B- ?? How disappointing. I'll save my $9.50 for Sicko. Looking fwd to that one!

Re: Good to know

don't take my word for i! i found it... rather less impressive. you should go see it anyways when the mood strikes, it's an adventure for those who love pixar movies.
ratatouille is that bad? Shoot. I still want to go see it.. dang. Hopefully it's not too big of a waste for me, I do tend to enjoy disney films.. on verra.
and you should! that's just my opinion. I think you'll love it.

btw, did you get my invite to the beach? i am going tmr.
Tmr as in Wed. (I thought you meant today..tues) Same diff. Wed would be better for me anywho. I'm free 130pm-6ish.. I have the Bastille volunteer mtg at seattle center at 630pm on Wed.. what beach/time were you thinking?
awesome! that's perfect!
i was thinking either golden gardens/alki/discovery park.
any suggestions? maybe we should move this to the email in case anybody stalks us on here! lol
yeah, bonne idee.. I'm bouts to go back to work in a minute.. I'll be getting home late tonight so if you write an email I can read it/reply then. maybe round 830 or later on tonight.

thx yo

thanks for posting your 2 sentence review.


it's better than me...

you are the 1st person who said they didnt like the rat...interesting.

well, thanks again. much appreciated :)

mines are roasting in the pot. my reviews, that is.

Re: thx yo

its not that i didn't like it. i just don't think very highly of it. I didn't like the story so much.


feel free to give us the detailed review.

if not, that's ok.

i understand you get sidetracked ;)

Re: ps.

yeah, part of the reason i don't want to give detailed reviews is that i don't want to ruin it for those who haven't seen it.

Re: ps.

fair enough.

to each his/her own.

cool enough.